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New Gym Promo Video

April 7, 2010 2 comments
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What’s in a name?

March 24, 2010 Comments off

The name Pure Potential came from Second City in Chicago.  Susan E. Dunn trained there and was always impressed with the concept that every person , every person,  is basically what they chose to be or chose to settle for.  If your limits are endless then being fit, active, and successful are definitely in your future.
What makes any boxing gym state of the art is what it provides and what kind of training is taught.  Our gym has 2 professional boxing rings,  heavy bag station that holds 16 bags, 8 speed bag stations, weight lifting equipment, boot camp equipment, classroom area, sauna, showers, and one on one training from trainers who have boxed either on the amateur or professional level.  This gym can compete toe to toe with any boxing gym in the nation for what we provide and how we train.  Everything a woman would need to learn to box or take her boxing to a new level is provided at Pure Potential Boxing.

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March 24, 2010 Comments off

Membership Rates: We charge a monthly due not a yearly membership.
Other gyms offer memberships in-order to lock you into training contract, make it seem more of a task rather then a choice. Therefore we only charge monthly dues rather than yearly memberships. Read more…

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Pure Potential Boxing Trainers

March 24, 2010 Comments off

7 Professional Trainers
We offer both women and men trainers. The reason is because of the fact that they move differently physically as well as think differently. Providing you with the best tools in becoming a better boxer and overall athlete. Read more…

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Mission Statement

March 24, 2010 Comments off

Our mission is to be the best all exclusive female training facility for women and women only.  Learn how to box and break a sweat without all the testosterone you find at other boxing gyms.  Boxing is truly the best overall body workout.  You will break a sweat, build muscle, loss fat, and develop great self esteem and self defense skills.

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USA Boxing Coach

March 24, 2010 Comments off

Susan E. Dunn moved here from Knoxville Tennessee to start Pure Potential Boxing Gym, an all women’s boxing gym.

Before starting this gym she trained as an amateur and professional boxer for over 1 1/2 yrs and held the ‘Tittle 2009 Master’s Women Belt Holder_ 141 wt. class’. Read more…

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Why this gym is unique

March 24, 2010 Comments off

This gym is uniquely designed for hardcore boxers who have trained for years or decades, as well as designed for  people right off the street, new to a boxing gym.

Our training facilities offer state-of-the art-training and instruction. Women can develop their skills in a safe and structured environment.  Every woman is welcome at this gym no matter the fitness level. Read more…

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Pure Potential Boxing
13040 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, California. 90250

Monday – Friday
12 noon to 8pm

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Women Only Boxing Gym

February 24, 2010 1 comment

Pure Potential Boxing Gym recently opened up in Hawthorne, CA

This boxing gym is different primarily in the fact that we are an all woman’s gym.  We are not interested in the whole concept of who is more macho.  Please, that bores us.  We want you to be successful and fit.  That’s all we care about.  If after training with us you are more confident, stronger, and happier than I would say we have done a good job.
If some idiot off the street tries to mess with you and you properly defend yourself because of our training that personally would make me laugh.

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