Why this Gym?

This gym is unique in the fact that it is designed for hardcore boxers who have been training for years or decades and also people right off the street who are new to a boxing gym.  We are at our core a boxing gym and will train you how to box but we also know some women are only interested in hitting bags to relieve stress and more comfortable in a classroom setting.

Pure Potential Boxing Gym is different primarily in the fact that we are an all woman’s gym.  We are not interested in the whole concept of who is more macho.  Please, that bores us.  We want you to be successful and fit.  That’s all we care about.  If after training with us you are more confident, stronger, and happier than I would say we have done a good job.
If some idiot off the street tries to mess with you and you’ll be able to properly defend yourself due to  our training.

Classes are in held in the private training area:

  • Cardio Boxing
  • Kick Boxing
  • Kettle Ball
  • MMA
  • Jui Jitsu
  • Sumba (Fighting)
  • Salsa (dancing)
  • Samba (dancing)
  • Yoga
  • Boot Camp (Intense strength and endurance training)
  • Women Self Defense

7 Professional Trainers
We offer both women and men trainers. The reason is because of the fact that they move differently physically as well as think differently. Providing you with the best tools in becoming a better boxer and overall athlete.

There will always be a trainer near you for advice, instruction, and assistance
At first you will need more time from trainers but eventually you will start to develop you own training and workout to suit your individual goals.
No matter what your training goal is a trainer will be there to support you everyday.
Pure Potential Boxing
13040 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne CA
(Nearest cross street El Segundo, directly in between 130th and 132nd streets)
Conveniently located 8 miles to downtown, 8 miles to Long Beach, and 3 miles to the beach.


Memberships are meant to lock you into training and make it a task therefore we only charge monthly dues rather then yearly memberships.
You will want to train at our gym because it will become part of who you are because boxers are boxers for life.

$60 a month
Registered amateur boxer – $45 a month
Professional boxer – $45 a month
Included: 3 classes

Day rates – $10 a day

A boxer (member) can take up to 3 classes as part of her membership to properly cross train and develop better conditioning.
Each additional class after that is an additional $10 per month.
Daily rates are available If you just want to wok out a couple times a month or only want to take one or two classes.

Get the a true boxing experience. Training consist of jump rope, shadow boxing, footwork, speedbag, heavy bag, mitt work and one on one training.

You will learn:

  • How to throw different punches
  • Learn combination
  • Proper footwork
  • Defend yourself
  • Develop strength
  • Build endurance
  • Become  addicted to the best overall complete body workout
    Take a look at any professional boxer, they have very little body fat.
    Boxers have lean strong muscles, more endurance, explosive power, speed, and agility that all other professional athletes combined.
    There is a reason for that… It’s all about the training.

We are a fully insured facility.  However we recommend that you don’t hurt yourself.
You will become stronger as time goes by and your body will be transformed.